What to Expect

What to expect during your roofing project, roof replacement, portland roofer, roofing contractor portlandHaving your home's roof replaced is a major construction project.  Keeping everyone safe is a top priority, so here are a few more things to keep in mind when it comes to what to expect during your roof installation:

  • Driveway Access: Direct access to the house helps our crew out tremendously.  Moving any vehicles that may be blocking that access is greatly appreciated.
  • Debris: While the crew is working, they do their best to keep the area clean but there will be nails and debris around.  Be extra cautious with kids, pets & vehicles. During the installation, there will be debris coming off the roof.  Make sure that when you or your children are coming and going from the house that they make their presence known to the crew.
  • Satellite Dishes and Antennas:  If you have a satellite dish on the roof, it's a good idea to set up an appointment with your provider for after the roof is to be completed.  Our crew can almost always reinstall your dish with no issues so more than likely you will be able to cancel the appointment.
  • Mowing The Lawn:  If the weather permits, mowing the lawn before your roof installation helps the crew in their cleanup process and makes it easier for the magnets to pick up any stray nails.
  • During Installation: There will be a fair amount of noise and vibrations from the work being done so it is a good idea to move delicate or valuable items away from the walls.
  • Clean-up: Once the roof installation is complete, we will leave your home clean and neat with all debris hauled away from your home and the yard will be swept with a magnet to ensure all nails and any excess metal debris are cleared.

The GAF Roofing System Components for Your Home

If you have any questions at all regarding your roofing project, please don't hesitate to contact our Project Manager at (503) 397-2215.

Thank you very much for trusting MCE Roofing with the installation of your new roof!