Why Is My Roof Leaking?


A complete roofing system is made of of many components that work together. Roof leaks can cause major damage if not caught or stopped right away. Identifying where the roof leak is coming from can be difficult. Try to contain the leak as much as possible until you can get a roofing professional out to inspect your roof. Your roof is exposed to the elements and there are many things that can happen to your…

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Hiring The Right Roofing Contractor

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Don’t just hire any contractor, hire the right contractor for your roofing project. There are many things to consider before hiring someone to work on your home. Take a few steps to be confident in who you are hiring. We recommend always doing online research, ask around to neighbors and friends and verify their CCB license. What to consider: Availability The contractor is immediately available to start your project. The better the contractor, the longer…

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Is Your Roof Ready For Fall?

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A roof replacement or maintenance can happen any time of the year. The winter months are around the corner. For this reason it is important that your roof and gutters are ready for harsh rain, wind and possible snow storms ahead. Clean The Gutters As a matter of fact, we get a significant amount of rain fall here in the Pacific Northwest. First, make sure your gutters are clear of any debris that could clog…

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What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Roof


There are many things to consider when buying a new roof.  Many people start with the first question, do I actually NEED a new roof?  If it’s questionable, it may be time for replacement.  In some cases, any repairs that you do now is only prolonging issues and potentially causing more damage down the road when you decide to make that leap and replace it. Inspect First thing to do is take a look at…

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What is Roof Flashing and Why Is It Important


The components to a quality roofing system involve many parts. It starts from the bottom most protective layers all the way to the shingles and flashing details. So what is roof flashing and why is it important? Roof flashing plays an important role in keeping several areas of your roof safe from water intrusion. This extra layer of protection is key to ensure your roofing system will protect you from the elements. Flashings are metal…

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