What is a standard roofing warranty?

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What is a standard roofing warranty? The place you live with your family is filled with memories, adventures, growing up, learning, and rites of passage. Sheltering it all overhead is your home’s roof, arguably the most essential component of a house and a significant investment in property, safety, and resale value. On the surface, the roof of a home appears benign at best; a lot of square footage with shingles in various material forms, shapes,…

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Choosing The Right Shingle Color

How to choose the right shingle color for your roof The roof of your home serves many purposes, from structural integrity to protection to appearance. Naturally, a roof keeps out rain, snow, hail, curious wildlife, falling acorns, and an array of other elements. After rafters are installed and secured, the roof holds it all together and provides lasting and secure protection for your family. A roof also makes a visual statement and depending on your…

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Reusing vs. Replacing Old Roof Sheathing

Replacing the roof on your house is an enormous project. It’s tough, backbreaking work just removing the old shingles and installation is an art form. Wisely, you chose to hire a professional, certified contractor to get the job done but it turns out some of the roof sheathing was damaged and needs to be replaced. Which begs the question: Should you save the rest of the old roof sheathing or replace it? With 25 years’…

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Top 5 Reasons To Work With a Certified Roofing Contractor

The roof over your head makes everything you do inside of it possible. Raising a family, spending time together, and enjoying hobbies. Entertaining friends, working at your job, and nurturing a new pet. In all cases you count on your home to keep you safe and protect you from harsh weather. And that is precisely why you should select a manufacturer-certified roofing contractor like Mark’s Custom Exteriors. There is no shortage of roofing companies and…

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