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Since roofs are so exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to significant wear and damage over time, particularly in regions that experience high levels of annual rainfall, snowfall, and highly variable temperatures. Welcome to Oregon.

In certain situations, roof-repair or maintenance is intuitive. If visible damage has been caused to your roof by fire, wind, or downed trees, you know it’s time to call a pro. Other symptoms of an ailing roof are less obvious but should not be overlooked. When in doubt, call us. But here a few things to look for that are signs your roof may be in trouble.

Cracks running through the shingles – sometimes called thermal cracking as they are caused by excessive heat, these cracks can let moisture seep through which can cause the plywood to mold.

Granules in the gutter – cleaning out your gutters and notice you are pulling out handfuls of grit or rock? The granules are the only thing protecting the asphalt within the shingles from the harsh UV rays of the sun. If these are coming off, the shingles may lose their ability to properly shed water.

Black or dark looking plywood – You should perform an inspection of your attic at least once a year, preferably after heavy rains in the winter. If you notice that the plywood looks dark or stained, chances are you have mold. Now many factors can cause it to appear but without figuring out why its there and fixing it, it will only get worse.

Leak in the attic – We inspect the attic of basically every roof we evaluate. It’s very common to find leaks that a customer didn’t know about because they never go up there. If you find a leak, even a very small one, call us. If caught early, it will most likely be a simple fix. If not taken care of those leaks can lead to costly drywall and interior repairs.

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