Community Projects – The Loeks Family

We are committed to being a leader not only in our industry, but in our community as well. Since 1994, our dedication to our customers and our community is shown through outstanding customer service, expert craftsmanship, and our desire to give back to our community.

A local family here in Columbia County was in dire need of a new roof. They had leaks in their roof that made the home difficult to live in. After learning more about their story, we made the easy decision to reach out to them. We donated all time and materials so their family could have a safe home to live in and raise their wonderful grand kids.

Meet Yvonne and learn about her story:

“First, I want to thank God for you people, and second, I want to thank you for your compassion and generosity to the people that you serve, and your hearts to give back to the community.

The last several years have sent many challenges our way. Job losses, broken necks, Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and the death of a granddaughter, leaving two small boys, then an adoption process and finding out our roof is rotten.

Looking back, I can see where my husband was losing it. At the time, he lost his job and I broke my neck just months apart. We were helping to take care of a daughter and four kids, whose dad, and husband left them. We lost everything at that time.

We moved to Scappoose and soon after Vern put a new roof on our home, but never finished the top portion. A granddaughter moved in with us and in 2014 she was killed in a car accident, leaving two children behind. There was a need to start an adoption process, which is not cheap.

Because of the roof not being done right, it was rotten sooner than later. I tried to get money together to have it done professionally, but came up short. I had a very loving, brave grandson that tried to fix it for me, but made some major mistakes. One day our 8-year-old grandson says “grandma, we could take a shower here in the dining room.”

So now I have less money and my husband is being put on Medicaid as he has a fast form of Alzheimer’s, and I need help to care for him, and kids at the same time.

We have been the ones to give; and being on the other end is very hard. But God is good always and forever.”

– Yvonne Loeks

The project was completed on one of the few sunny days we’ve had since last year.  That Friday it was sunny and 70 degrees so it couldn’t have been more perfect!  The crew arrived first thing in the morning and started unloading supplies and setting up for the day.

Soon after, Mark and Angie and our entire office staff showed up to meet Yvonne and her family.  That morning we hung out in the beautiful sunshine while spending the time getting to know Yvonne and her husband and sharing stories over coffee and treats.  Oh boy did she have some exciting stories!  If you ever get a chance to meet her, ask her about her trip through Canada!

The crew worked away throughout the morning tearing off the roof to get it prepped for the installation.  We weren’t going to leave anything to chance and this family deserved the best of the best so everything had to go! All vents, plywood and shingles were replaced and top of the line GAF Timberline HD shingles were installed.

Our amazing crew kept working away and progress continued throughout the afternoon.  As the evening hours came,  the crew started their clean up.  The vans and trucks were loaded up and as they pulled away, we knew this wasn’t the last we will see of Yvonne and her family!  Mark and Angie are so grateful to have this opportunity to help out such a deserving family.  Here are a few kind words from Yvonne:

“What an asset to this community your company is. And thank you for our new home! I say home because without a roof there is no home in a short time! Thank you God for putting such great people in our lives!!”
-The Loeks Family