No Roof Left Behind – The Barber Family

Friday morning, @ 7:00, things started happening. First the photographer came and set up a time-lapse camera to film the entire day. Next came the roofing company, Mark’s Custom Roofing who were doing the job. 6 vans and 8 workers showed up with a big truck which they backed into our driveway to throw the old roofing and tar paper in.

Mark, owner, and his fabulous wife, Angie, along with two other wonderful gals, set up a big tent and chairs. A sound system was set up for a day full of music from the popular local band, the Hit Machine. Next came the Dutch Bros. coffee truck. They supplied sophisticated coffee drinks, even fruit smoothies! Houlton bakery sent donuts and fancy bars and brownies were next, followed by coolers full of bottled water and soda pop. These gals thought of everything!

The first of two Portland television stations showed up and interviewed Mark, and John and Susie. Yikes! The camera really does add…lots of extra lbs! Soon another television station filmed and interviewed us. Next arrived the local newspaper for an interview and pictures. Soon after, came a huge truck with the actual roofing materials! Up on the roof with a conveyor belt went the bundles of roofing. I can still see my dad carrying them up the ladder on his shoulder as he was a homebuilder! A spokesman for GAF, manufacturers of the roofing materials, gathered us around and gave a speech about the few companies in a five state area worthy of a Presidential Award for excellence in workmanship, service, and community spirit. Mark’s Custom Roofing and Exteriors was presented with two trophies! By now, many great pizzas showed up from Figaro’s Pizza followed by two big cakes that read, “Congratulations John and Susie” and “No Roof Left Behind” from Houlton Bakery. They were delicious!

Lots of neighbors, families of the workers, friends, and curious onlookers stopped by for treats and to hear the story of our good fortune. We were outside the entire day, talking, meeting wonderful people, and watching with awe as our house was transformed. By now, the gals cracked open a fruit tray, veggies and dip, and deli wraps! They kept everyone well fed and happy, as all were gracious and fun spirited and a joy to be around. They brought bubbles and hula hoops for the kids, and even tried their hand at tying balloon animals! 🙂 The day had an air of fun, excitement, and happiness for all who stopped by to witness the “roofing miracle.”

By 3:30 the job was complete, taking only 5-1/2 hours of actual roofing time. Lastly, the clean-up began and by 4:00 the tent was down, the yard cleaned up, even the nails were magnetically removed from the lawn. Mark truly has a well-oiled machine. His workers (his A-team) as he calls them, were all extremely good at what they do. It was like a ballet of safety-toggled men with their red No Roof Left Behind shirts on moving over the roof like worker bees. Everyone of them was cheerful, and friendly, courteous and efficient. Each man had his job, and carried it out quickly and smoothly. It was the most professional job we have ever seen!

As the team of people climbed in the vans and disappeared, left in their wake, is the most beautiful roof anyone has ever seen! It is a lovely two-toned tan and brown color! There are new vents fresh plywood where needed. The Barbers now have a new, safe, leak-free roof that will serve them a lifetime.

We had never heard of anything like this, the “No Roof Left Behind” program, and are extremely grateful to Mark and Angie Holcomb, and their entire crew, for being so wonderful and giving. The Holcombs are the best possible representatives of this program. We appreciate the community coming together and supporting the program and allowing us to win this amazing prize. What a blessing to be the recipient of such a wonderful roof and a glorious day!