Why roof repair should be a priority

In terms of home improvements, roof repair is usually at the bottom of people’s priority list. You can’t really fix the problem yourself, and it can get expensive. Although roof repair may not be at the top of your priority list, there are some very good reasons why it should be.

Curb appeal

If you are considering selling your home in the future, you should give some thought to your roof as it’s one of the first things potential homebuyers ask about. Frankly, you can’t twist the truth about your roof as its condition is fairly obvious to potential buyers when they drive up to your house.

The sooner, the cheaper

Even if selling your home in the near future isn’t in your cards, there’s another good reason to get your roof looked at now – the sooner you fix it, the less money it will cost you. Roof repairs worsen if they are ignored. Maybe you’ve lost a shingle. A lost shingle can turn into a leak, which in turn will cause water damage to the interior or structural support of your house.


Your insurance adjuster is one of those people who is paid to consider what condition your roof is in. If you are timely about calling in repairs, your insurance company may even cover some of the cost. If you wait too long, though, your insurance won’t pay for it.


A breach in your roof – a lost shingle or a leak – is a prime way for mold to get in. If water and humidity can seep into your house, you better believe that mold can also grow in your walls or ceilings. Mold is a major health concern for your family. Fix your roof as soon as possible to lessen the chances of mold growing in your home.


A roof replacement is a major overhaul and costs lots of money. A homeowner shouldn’t typically have to deal with this as a well-maintained asphalt roof can last thirty years or more. If you put off necessary roof repairs, though, the state of your roof will worsen until eventually, you will have to replace the whole thing at a greater cost.

Get ahead of your major roofing issues by calling in the experts, like those with Mark’s Custom Exteriors (503) 397-2215. If you call them early, they’ll help you mitigate the expenses of your roof repair.

Angie Holcomb

Author: Angie Holcomb

In late 1993, one year after their marriage, Angie and Mark Holcomb decided it was time to follow their dream, and the couple set out to launch their own business. One year later, in 1994, Marks Custom Exteriors was established, one loving couple, one new truck and a passion for their vision. 25 years and many roofs later, MCE has grown to become Portland's premier roofing company and one of the only Nationally Recognized Roofing Companies in the State of Oregon as a GAF Master Elite Contractor. They remain committed to building lasting relationships with their customers through outstanding customer service, expert craftsmanship, and professional behavior and appearance among every member of our team.