What is Roof Flashing and Why Is It Important

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The components to a quality roofing system involve many parts. It starts from the bottom most protective layers all the way to the shingles and flashing details. So what is roof flashing and why is it important? Roof flashing plays an important role in keeping several areas of your roof safe from water intrusion. This extra layer of protection is key to ensure your roofing system will protect you from the elements. Flashings are metal pieces installed around vulnerable areas including chimneys, skylights, walls, roof edges and in valleys.

What is Roof Flashing?

First, start with the basics. Roof flashing is thin pieces of metal that are installed to protect areas where water intrusion is most susceptible. Because it is usually made of galvanized steel, it is easily pliable and does not corrode. Properly installed roof flashing will ensure your roof will have lasting protection against rain and other water intrusion. However, if not properly installed or repaired, it could lead to severe damage to your roofing system.

Why Is It Important?

Second, the importance of roof flashing is to keep your roof waterproof and airtight. Each component of your roofing serves a specific purpose. Roof flashing is important to help protect the vulnerable areas where water can pool or leak into your home. This makes it an integral part of your roofing system.

Type of Roof Flashing

There are many areas on your roof that require roof flashing. If you are having your roof replaced, make sure to know that the contractor is going to replace or install roof flashing. Roof flashing can be around vents, in valleys and around chimneys or skylights.

In conclusion, remember to stay safe. Do not hesitate to contact a professional roofing contractor. Granted, there is no shortage of roofing companies and crews, but these companies are not all created equal. Of course, we offer free estimates and a thorough evaluation of your roof’s condition. Give MCE Roofing a call at (503) 397-2215 or Fill Out Our Free Roofing Consultation Form. #MCEBlog


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