What is a standard roofing warranty?

What is a standard roofing warranty?

The place you live with your family is filled with memories, adventures, growing up, learning, and rites of passage. Sheltering it all overhead is your home’s roof, arguably the most essential component of a house and a significant investment in property, safety, and resale value.

On the surface, the roof of a home appears benign at best; a lot of square footage with shingles in various material forms, shapes, and sizes. But a roof of course does much more than look good and occupy space; it protects those inside from weather elements like scorching hot sun, violent storms, and icy cold snow. And although it can seem overwhelming in regard to visual design, the sheer size of a roof goes a long way in adding to riveting curb appeal.

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Make Sure You’re Covered

With so much below counting on what is above, it’s critical to become familiar with roofing warranties and make sure you have one. A comprehensive roofing warranty has a tremendous impact on long-term performance, replacement value in the event of storms, and resale value. But how do you understand long and detailed warranties and know what is covered and what is not?

Most traditional roofing warranties today are divided into two categories: roofing material and workmanship. Both of these typically work in tandem to provide the best overall coverage. Let’s take a closer look:

Roofing Material Warranty

The most common warranty in this arena is roofing material, which covers protection with the product if shingles are found defective before or after installation. This long-term warranty usually spans 25 years or more, but is it enough? A roof is a complex structure beyond just shingles and while a material warranty might cover just that, you still have to pony up for installation.

Workmanship Warranty

Quality roofing installation is a big deal and a legitimate art form in the construction industry. It won’t do much good to have shingles made of gold if installation is shoddy and they fly off on the first windy day.

Workmanship warranties generally cover labor and installation and are a simultaneous badge of honor for the installer and homeowner confidence that the work is guaranteed for many years. Owning a home brings plenty of ancillary stress; homeowners don’t need more by worrying about their roof.

So which warranty is best? A general rule of thumb is solid warranties cover at least 10 years for workmanship and 25 years or more for materials. Keep those parameters in mind when embarking on your next roofing project.

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