What Is a CCB and Why Is It Important?

In the State of Oregon, a CCB (Construction Contractor Board) License is issued to “anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property.” Oregon.gov

Regardless of the type of project you are hiring a contractor for, you always want to choose a contractor that is licensed by the State. There are many benefits to a licensed contractor that not only protect them, their employees and their business, but you, your property and your checkbook as well.

A licensed contractor who is bonded and insured is protecting themselves and the consumer. The insurance helps protect against any property damage or injury that could happen on a job site, and the bond helps protect you, the consumer, in the event that the contractor does not complete the job, you are guaranteed to receive a sum of money for what you’ve paid out.

State of Oregon CCB Without a CCB, complaints or claims against contractors cannot be recorded and tracked with the CCB. However, the State of Oregon CCB does have a “Buyer Beware” list of unlicensed contractors who have taken money from homeowners, owe CCB fines or owe money to homeowners through a judgement. This list can be found here: BuyerBeware.

Do your research. Any contractor can say they have a CCB (which could be true), but this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t expired due to nonpayment or possibly too many complaints. Log on to the CCB website to do a quick check and find out if the license is active or if the company has had any complaints in the last 10 years. Check our CCB #96794 here: https://www.ccb.state.or.us/search/

A typical residential re-roofing project doesn’t require city permits, but for some home improvement or remodeling projects, permits with the city need to be filed. If a contractor does not have a CCB, they cannot file for such permits, putting you and your home at risk. Often, this means the responsibility is on the homeowner. If permits were required, they can still be obtained at a later date, however this just means a higher cost and possible fines for you, the homeowner.

Always do your research before hiring any contractor. Important things to consider:

  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured
  • Is their CCB active or ever been revoked for any reason
  • Do they sub-contract any work
  • Do they have a good reputation with the BBB
  • Is their online reputation (online reviews) positive
  • Do they have a website
  • How long have they been in business
  • Do they have an office or showroom location
  • Are they factory certified
  • Are they responsive to phone calls and questions
  • Did they provide a thorough written contract of work to be preformed

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Angie Holcomb
Author: Angie HolcombIn late 1993, one year after their marriage, Angie and Mark Holcomb decided it was time to follow their dream, and the couple set out to launch their own business. One year later, in 1994, Marks Custom Exteriors was established, one loving couple, one new truck and a passion for their vision. 25 years and many roofs later, MCE has grown to become Portland's premier roofing company and one of the only Nationally Recognized Roofing Companies in the State of Oregon as a GAF Master Elite Contractor. They remain committed to building lasting relationships with their customers through outstanding customer service, expert craftsmanship, and professional behavior and appearance among every member of our team.