Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance and upkeep is crucial all year-round. Now that the weather is starting to change and less rain is expected, exposure to heat during the spring and summer months can still cause damage to your shingles.

Moss and other debris on your roof can cause significant damage to your shingles. Here are some key tips and signs to look for when inspecting the condition of your roof.


How old is your roof? If you have properly maintained your roof over the years, you can get a significant amount of life out of it, but depending on the environment you live in, and without proper care, the life of your roof can be significantly diminished.

Shingle granule condition

If you notice granules in the gutters or missing granules on shingles, this is usually a sign your shingles will start to fail. The granules on the shingles are what help protect your roof deck from the elements.

Missing shingles

Areas of missing shingles on your roof is a key sign your shingles may need to be replaced. This could be caused from poor installation, wind and weather damage or age of the roof.

Lifting shingles

Moss growth is something that could cause your shingles to lift. This allows water to enter underneath the shingles and could cause damage to the roof deck sheathing or create mold issues.

Curling shingles

Curling shingles could be caused by heat damage or a moisture problem. If the shingles are damaged enough, they could be lifting and allowing water to leak into the attic.

Mold in the attic

A quick peak in your attic crawl space can be a quick way to identify potential leaks or mold issues. If you notice mold in the attic, this could be a sign of a roof leak or poor ventilation.


If your attic space isn’t adequately vented, not allowing enough airflow in and out, this could cause issues with your shingles and you may be able to avoid a complete replacement. Ventilation issues can usually be an easy fix, as long as the roof is still in good condition.

Roof Shampoo Moss Removal

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Angie Holcomb
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