How to Maintain Your Roof

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Your home is a valuable investment. When you install a new roof, it’s important that you maintain it over the years to come. How do you maintain your roof and when?

What are the key signs to look for that could cause damage to your roofing shingles? Installing a roof is just like any other element to your home, it will require maintenance. Depending on your environment, maintenance (or at the very least) a visual inspection should be done annually to avoid potential issues down the road.

How To Maintain Your Roof

Roof moss is one of the most common dangers to your asphalt roofing shingles here in the Pacific Northwest. If moss on your roof goes neglected, it will build up on top and underneath the shingles. This will drastically reduce the life of your shingles and potentially cause leaks.

Trouble Areas

There are certain trouble areas that will have more moss growth than others. These include areas around downspouts, shaded areas that almost never get sun, and areas under low hanging tree branches. Gutters and downspouts collect the pollen and when it rains it runs on the roof. In these areas you will notice a heavy amount of algae or moss growth. Be sure to clean out your gutters and install gutter extensions if needed.

Remove Debris

Remove any debris such as leaves, tree branches, pine needles by very gently sweeping the area. You do not want to be too aggressive because you can damage the shingles. Maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your roof. Hiring a professional is always the number one recommendation. A roofing contractor has the proper tools, experience and safety equipment to perform necessary maintenance.

Avoid Walking on Your Roof

Avoid walking on your roof as much as possible. You may need to get on the roof to clear debris or clean out gutters, but be cautious about the shingles as well as your own safety. Avoid walking on the shingles in extreme heat or when there is frost.

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Lastly, always remember to stay safe and don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofing contractor to evaluate your roof’s condition. These evaluations are usually free and can provide you with the knowledge and education on how to extend the life of your roof and keep your home looking new. Find out more information about our Roof Shampoo Roof Cleaning Services.

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