Choosing The Right Color of Roofing Shingle

A clean, new roof can certainly add value and curb appeal to your home! Choosing the right color is an important part.

Steeper sloped and higher pitched roofs allow you to see more of the roof from street level so choosing the right color to accent certain features can be important!

If your home has a lot of detail and colors, choose a neutral or low key color for your roof. Too many colors and patterns can be a little overwhelming to the eye! Dark colors make your home look smaller while lighter colors will make your home appear larger.

If character and charm is what you are aiming for, then bold and vibrant colors could be a good option.  However, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, remember that your taste may not be the same as potential buyers so choosing something less bold could be the way to go as to not scare away potential buyers.

Keep it in the neighborhood! Be mindful of your neighbors and choose a color that best fits in with the other homes. If you’re part of a neighborhood association, be sure your color choices do not violate those rules. If you don’t have strict rules or guidelines, think about how your roof will look among your neighbors.

You don’t want your roof color to exactly match the color of your home’s exterior, but you do want it to blend well with it.

Check out the roofs for yourself! Ask your roofing contractor to see sample boards and colors. There are also interactive tools available that allow you to see the color on your own home. Check out GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler Tool HERE.

Author: Amanda Milliron