Benefits of Sun Tunnels and Skylights

Installing sun tunnels or skylights in your home come with many benefits. And the installation process can be fairly simple. That being said, here are a few things to consider before your installation.

What is the Difference between a Sun Tunnel and Skylight?

A skylight is a direct window through your roof. Whereas a sun tunnel is an acrylic dome that allows direct light down through a tube to a diffuser. Nevertheless, neither require any electrical wiring and are easy to replace. It could also have the potential for for energy cost savings.

Are You Replacing or Installing?

The installation of a new skylight can be costly. These costs could include drywall, painting and possible structural modifications. If you already have a skylight, then replacement is a much easier process. A sun tunnel could be more cost effective. Sun tunnels usually do not require any modifications and do not need wiring. Furthermore, sun tunnels can be installed almost anywhere. Sun tunnels are a great way to add light to small areas. These areas can be stairwells, closets, bathrooms or anywhere in your home that you want to brighten up.

Velux Sun Tunnel on RoofLearn more about the Velux Brand of Sun Tunnels Here

What Does It Cost?

Finally, a sun tunnel installation is slightly less costly than a skylight replacement. When considering the cost difference, remember that both options allow for more natural light reducing the cost of energy for every time you turn the lights on. In addition, a new skylight installation can bring significant costs to consider.

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